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Pivovar Raven

The wild card in our portfolio is Pivovar Raven which combines a great deal of passion, creative talent and a precise execution.
Only since October 2015, they have been bringing never-ending stream of innovation to the Czech beer scene. How so? The answer may be in the "double personality" of the brewer... Or rather, the two brewers that complement each other: Fil Miller, an Australian, by origin who fell in love with beer in Czech Republic's famous Pilsen, puts in his creative mind, and Petr Vynáhlovský takes care of the technical process and crafts their lagers.


Filtration: Unfiltered, unpasteurized
Packaging: Petainer kegs - 20L
Availability: continuously brewed - Blond IPA, Morrigan, Sky APA, Oatback
                   rotating - Australiano, Fly By Rye, White IPA, Double IPA, Brewhemian, and others