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Kout na Šumavě Brewery

Kout has been continuously brewing some of the best lagers in the Czech Republic, preferring its stable quality over the variety of portfolio. It's Koutská 12 is by many considered the best Czech Pilsener in the world. 
Kout Brewery has been building up on its about 300 years old tradition, as the first establishment was opened after the 30 Year's War. Maybe that and its unique water source are the reasons why Kout's beer has been so loved by beer drinkers around the world. The most precious secret likely comes from the recipe book (1938) found inside one of the walls during reconstructions.
"Water used in beer must be soft. The less minerals in it, the better. During the boiling of malt, the soft water can take in almost all of it. Brewing is simply an alchemy." Bohuslav Hlavsa, Head Brewer

technical details

Filtration: micro-filtered, unpasteurized
Packaging: metal kegs - 30L
Availability: once per month - Koutská 12, Koutská 10
                   contact us for availability - Koutská 14, Koutská 18 Dark Christmas Special