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What happens when two competing beer bars start brewing beer together? A Bad Flash for sure! Kulový Blesk (Ball lightning), a beer restaurant, and Zlý časy (Bad times)beer bar, two of the most popular and reviewed beer bars in Prague joint their forces, knowledge and expertise in serving beer to create beer alliance of an exponential quality. Under the "BadFlash" brand, they firstly brewed beer only for their two bars. Nowadays, as a nomadic brewery, they have brewed 27 unique beers in collaboration with some of the most renowned Czech brewmasters. Later on, the one and only BadFlash bar opened in Prague to mark the success of the alliance.

technical details

Filtration: unfiltered, unpasteurized
Packaging: 20L Petainer kegs
Availability: continuously brewing - all the displayed beers
                   rotating - contact us for current offer