How it started

Spring 2015, rainy Jutland, a hoppy, malty memory of home, and a thirsty throat. That is how it started. One gets easily used to high quality and the beers of the Czechs are of such quality without a doubt. And it´s the good things, we like to come back to... Or as in our case, bring them to you.

Who is CzechitØl

Chief Executive Distributor

+45 31 88 89 82

"An Honest Beer is a story. Story of the land, the water, the brewers, their labour and love they put into making it. We are here to tell those stories... and taste them"

sales team

We are continuing the tradition that helped us get started: supporting qualified and passionate international students with their own business activity. Therefore, the dynamic sales team is made up of young students who find beer the best way to start their own professional life in Denmark. We try hard to make them bring a lot of value to the society, while making sure the have the right emotional attachement to craft beer.